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Publish press releases through online services to deliver exciting new business news to your target markets and consumers.

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These professional editors distribute business news to your target country market as fast as possible.

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Online real-time service in three languages, your various distribution problems will be solved in time.

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Your press release isn’t just distributed to your target countries. Get more reach with an integrated exposure plan.

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On the information-filled Internet, your business news needs to spread a lot. Our powerful press distribution network supports your business plans, virtual newsrooms and advertising centers, bringing you the widest range of news contacts.

We integrate your news releases with social media, targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to increase the reach by more than 10 times. This integrated marketing mix brings revolutionary results to your business activities.

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Extensive news media network

Our news network integrates the world ’s most populous national and regional news media. Your online news release will be published on these media sites with a brand reputation and high traffic. Including Yahoo, Google, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service,, PTI, UNI, China Daily, Times of India, Hindustan Times. More than 1,800 news media in total, including industry and local media coverage

Social revolution

We publish your press releases on social networks, and with the professional services of social experts, your reach and exposure will grow dramatically. Your business communication will be much broader.

Today, more than half of the media CTR is from social networking sites. People read news and share news content on social networking sites every day..

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