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Live interview on video platform at your enent

We Craft News Solutions with Powerful Connect Technologies.

Your product launch or event will be covered in real-time and live, and you’ll be supported by Merxwire’s news network to ensure pre-event and post-event news coverage, creating a steady stream of market value.

Why you need instant news coverage

Attract consumers’ attention anytime, anywhere through news reports. With the newsroom planning marketing topics for businesses and events based on many popular trends, your brand will attract a large audience in creative.

The impact of live streaming

Engage your audience with live, instant interviews and reporting on a variety of video and audio platforms compatible with desktop, mobile web, mobile apps and connected TV. Superior video quality appeals to a broad audience and reach.


Your event will attract thousands of people on live platforms and get media coverage. The exposure performance of instant messaging from major news networks is well above industry standards.


Live news coverage and global exposure services for a variety of occasions, personal branding, startups, investors and product launches. Efficient and immediate publicity enables the brand to gain commercial value for success.

Live news reports lead the art to face challenges with ease, and can promote art creators, practitioners, practice and through exploration, leading the industry into the future. Live streaming as a medium feels very intimate, and many artists choose to use it as the best way to engage with audiences and sell their work.

The news of successful art and exhibitions has made artworks recognized and respected worldwide. Over the past few decades, artists, galleries and exhibitions around the world have faced challenges in developing diversity. World-class art scene and creators dominate mainstream culture and attract investors and collectors.

The Merxwire Art PR team supports media PR management for all types of artists, exhibitions and galleries. According to the characteristics of art partners, arrange media and interview reports to make the best plan, artists can propose new ways of idea, production, presentation and expression of art to a wider audience, connoisseurs and collectors.

Live streaming and news coverage help brands gain greater visibility. We provide corporates and startups planning live events and media exposure.

Your product is the most important part of your brand. When people first encounter your product, they form an opinion about it and associate it with your company. Therefore, at your product launch, you must reach the largest possible audience and get a good impression from the press coverage.

Especially for startups, it’s more challenging because you’re not sure how long you’ll be in the market. In this case, you have to keep your brand exposed in the market and you will get more returns.

Merxwire successfully publishes thousands of news stories for companies at major annual consumer electronics events and trade shows in Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, new types of trade shows have become mainstream, and companies have reduced their participation in cross-border exhibitions. They are more looking forward to obtaining information on new products through the Internet and news, and conducting trade through online chats.

When you have a complete live broadcast and reporting plan, your brand will gain more attention from consumers, investors, and suppliers, which will become a competitive advantage and be successful in the market.

Extensive news coverage is a competitive advantage for business events.

As companies become more focused on efficiency, profitability and exposure, and businesses build their online voice to ensure their word of mouth, visibility and exposure, online PR becomes critical—one of the biggest opportunities and we of instant news coverage makes business meetings run more successfully.

Learn how to differentiate between different types of business meetings and how to make yours more productive. Merxwire is one of the leading Internet news distribution communications. Our best-in-class live and news marketing programs offer businesses a unique opportunity to reach consumers at scale. Industry leaders from all walks of life look to us as a PR partner.

What we can do for you

Merxwire delivers premium content from the world’s leading media sites to keep your audience engaged and your promotions visible. Our advantage is that view rates are higher than industry benchmarks, giving you unparalleled exposure to increase your reach and enabling you to target customers in specific markets.


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