Video interview and content production

Presenting news stories with films

The unforgettable audiovisual content brings the story to life, increases readers’ impression, and promotes social sharing and interaction. Merxwire’s breakthrough distribution solution enables high-level resolution video news to be quickly synchronized to news media around the world.

HQ Videos

4K or FULL HD high quality videos, produce professional interviews and reports that reach the international level.

RWD pages

The news site is built on a standard RWD framework, readers can easily read with various desktop or mobile devices.

Global news network

The News and PR connection system, the content is published on the global cooperative news media website through online technology.

Search engine index

The content of the report is optimized for search engines through audio-visual platforms, and more content is indexed by search engines.

Videos platform

News stories are posted on more media platforms, you can watch videos on YouTube and other multimedia websites.

Reliable data analysis

Video statistics enable you to track the distribution and viewing behavior of videos to further measure marketing effectiveness.

Multimedia News Expands Audience

People prefer to watch news in the form of audio and video, and the importance of audio and video platforms is increasing day by day. Attracting existing and potential viewers to watch the news is an opportunity to increase brand value. Merxwire’s audio-visual news reporting team does everything possible and increases the participation of global news readers.

Easy to watch and share

The video offers viewers rich reading methods. According to statistics, the film’s content is more appealing to readers than other types of news, including text, photos and broadcasts. This will increase the overall news participation as readers have different ways of reading. The more shares a video has, the higher its ranking in search results.

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The best on the net! Very easy to use. Integrated solution for PR and videos should be nominated for service of the year.- Daniel, Chief Marketing Officer of 3C Brand
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