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Send press releases to the world in time
Professional press release interview editors will release press releases to the world on the spot during your event and gain popularity through media reports. Professional international news agency support to ensure that your news is successfully published on the media website.

Live and instant to the world

Through the real-time system connected with the media, we directly send news stories to the global media at the event site. We provide this fast service to corporate customers who value efficiency. Companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations can gain public attention through interviews and press releases during the event.

High-quality multimedia content

As a leader in online news and information services, Merxwire integrates high-quality images and publicity plans to design suitable publicity strategies according to customers’ budgets. Professional services integrate high-quality text, photos and video content.

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Big market, big opportunity

The world’s top five countries and regions account for more than half of the world’s population. We distribute press releases on the websites of these countries, and the value created by your press releases will be reflected in the volume of the Internet.

North America and Europe

Covers major English markets

In addition to attracting the attention of the North American and European , the distribution of press releases has many other benefits. It is an SEO tool, and it also makes your brand known. Since the release is published online, you may also attract potential customers and backlink to your site.

Greater China

China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Press releases can inspire journalists and audiences in Chinese to read your story, and provide prospective customers with new reasons to visit stores, log on to the website, and learn more. Every event is newsworthy, and if enough to catch people’s attention, you and your business will be the focus of attention.

South Asia

News Network in India

In South Asia, they read the news every day. News are a good way to increase brand awareness. For business, I would definitely recommend it as an effective marketing strategy. You may have covered all the benefits of PR writing in all aspects that one might think of, and you should publish it to more people.

What our clients say

Two years ago, we published online press releases through PR agency, and now we delegate this work to Merxwire. Merxwire increased press release exposure by more than 100 times.- Sharon Frank, Design Director, U.S.
Gracias al equipo profesional de relaciones públicas de Merxwire, la estrategia de noticias globales de la compañía es perfecta para nosotros.- Jesús Gabriel, CEO, Spain
在中國進行線上營銷的挑戰來自於眾多競爭者及對百度的陌生,Merxwire 為我們規劃了數十篇新聞報導與數百條百度貼吧討論串,收錄效果和搜尋結果排名大幅提升,線上諮詢量成長330%。- Kevin Chan, Brand manager, Taiwan

Do you know the advantages of real-time online PR?

Most consumers hope to get news about the launch of their favorite products for the first time. Companies invest money and workforce to hold events. If they can deliver first-hand information to potential consumers who are interested but can’t participate in the event, the value of the event will be maximized.
You have reduced budget

Nothing is more alarming than the high cost. You can purchase services based on the number of releases you need without having to incur excess costs.

You save more time

You no longer spend much time with each reporter, you can stay away from fax machines and telephones, and professional media relations networks will publish your online press releases.

Streamlined PR department

You no longer need to hire a large number of public relations employees, you can pay salaries to business people, they will do their best to earn more revenue for the company.

Your brand news will quickly cover the world

Event interviews, writing and publishing services in all walks of life, and close cooperation with the media to make your online news public relations successful.