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Contact with Chat

Welcome to the online chat tool. The 24-hour online customer service staff provides basic consulting and quotation services.

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Contact Sales

Contact Sales

Regarding the issue of press releases, social integration, and promotion of products, sales specialists will provide consulting services.

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Contact Newsroom

Contact Newsroom

For questions about PR publishing or writing, contact our editorial department and will give you professional advice.

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How to marketing online?

News media and online companies have changed the way markets compete and provide customer service. Previously, all promotions were physical activities, distribution of flyers, or over the phone. Most marketing now takes place online, with more traffic on official websites or shopping links.

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When should I contact online customer support?

Online support provides the most basic consulting services. If you have any questions or suggestions about Merxwire, you can contact the online support staff immediately, and they will provide you with intimate services as soon as possible.

When should I contact sales?

Business personnel provide the most extensive service support, including: release plans, promotion plans, prices, advertisements. If you wish to purchase our services, contacting sales staff is your best choice.

When should I contact media editor?

When you find a question about the content of the press release and suggestions for the content of the newsroom, please write to the editor.

Can you provide success case for your customers?

This is an unrealistic requirement. No commercial customer is willing to make their marketing strategy public. We guard the trade secrets of all our customers and also ensure that our customers can continue to maintain the advantages of media marketing in the market.

How do I request a quote?

We recommend that you fill out all the information in the form, including your contact information, the services you need, the language you use, and what you want to achieve-it may be the number of press releases distributed or the audience you reach.

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Please fill in your requirements in detail and our sales staff will contact you.